Rental car for wedding and motorcades

Wedding - is one of the most important events in the life of every person. Everyone wants to triumph was perfect. Book rental (hire) cars for their weddingonly for us.

Extended services:

  • Car delivery within the city – FREE of charge
  • Car delivery beyond the city – 0,5 EUR per each km of the run
  • Car delivery to “Borispol” Airport – 40 EUR
  • Car run beyond the daily limit – 0.5 EUR per every 10 km of the run

The car rent includes:

  • Full KASCO insurance
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Documentation (on car rental)
  • Car fuelling
  • Daily run no more than 350 km

Car is provided to client:

  • Parking fee over 1 hour
  • Car decoration with wedding ribbons, balloons, etc.